Selected Projects

Android app for viewing DTED2 data on mobile devices. Supports usual map functions (pinch/zoom/pan), GPS positioning, and tap-for-map coordinates (MGRS and Lat/Long). Now includes "3D" terrain view mode using OpenGL. [PDF quad chart]
DTED Viewer App
PTDS Kestrel
Airborne persistent surveillance system for forward operating bases, developed by Logos Technologies.  Hybrid Defense provided software support for the active multi-sensor payload that included embedded processors, EO/IR imaging sensors, and interfaces with PTDS and PGSS flight controls. [PDF quad chart] [GSN NAVAIR award] [Kestrel link]
Logos Technologies
DTED Battery Planner
Android app for determining battery load requirements for a mission.  User enters mission duration, a fudge factor (for cold weather, a margin of safety, etc), and the list of electronic kit being carried.  The app will calculate how many of each type of battery are required.  Uses a custom algorithm to simplify & reduce battery load to the bare minimum.
Digital Rangecard
Android app for rugged mobile devices.  Digitizes the standard form 5517-R to enhance and extend the CONOPS of FM 3-21.8.  Device hardware is used to automate GPS location in MGRS, magnetic north, ranges and bearings.  In Pro version, Gunners can wirelessly send completed rangecards to Leaders, and Leaders can assemble digital rangecards into a sector sketch of the local battlespace.  Version 2 will include digital terrain/topo. [PDF quad chart]
GSS / "Nett Warrior"
Ground Soldier System Increment 1 (GSS Inc I) is an integrated dismounted Soldier situational awareness system for use during combat operations. It provides unparalleled situational awareness to the dismounted leader.  Hybrid Defense supported TEAM SPARTAN with systems engineering, requirements analysis, emdedded software development, testing, documentation, and program management assistance from program kickoff in early 2009 through DT/LUT at the end of 2010.  [PEO Soldier link] [PDF quad chart]
HydroParser 2.0.5 (2013 Mar 1)
Statistical analysis software package for time-series rainfall data.  De-noises and bins wide variety of data formats, calculates accumulation, infiltration, peak durations, return frequencies, and produces detailed charts.  Multiple configuration options.   [Statalytics link] [recent citation] [PDF quad chart]
Heavy Weapon Sight
Teaming with C-More Systems as an OEM, Hybrid Defense designed and prototyped a long-range sight for heavy weapons such as the M-134D Gatling Gun system.  The unique ultra-low optical distortion and rugged optics and illuminator enables quicker rounds-on-target and higher accuracy at ranges up to 1500m, saving ammunition and extending mission duration.  [PDF quad chart]
SureFire R&D Projects
Hybrid Defense provides general consulting services to SureFire, LLC for certain research and development projects.
Counter-Sniper System
For Synovision Solutions, Hybrid Defense designed and modeled a novel optical pre-shot sniper detection system that targeted a certain immutable characteristic of sniper weapons and/or video camcorders.  This concept model is now under development by DARPA C-Sniper and US Army REF.  [PDF quad chart]
Study of OIF/OEF Casualties by Weapon Type
Hybrid Defense's Statalytics Division collected, aggregated, and analyzed US casualty statistics for entirety of OEF and OIF operations.  Determined effectiveness of various enemy weapons against US troops in order to optimize counter-measures.  Work done for Synovision Solutions for delivery to US Army REF.  [Statalytics link] [PDF quad chart]
Microsoft Think Week R&D Analysis Tool
Supported Blue Sky Scientific, LLC with design and development of browser-based web parts.  Worked with Microsoft Research to implement semantic matching algorithms to find connections between years of archived & current Think Week idea papers.  Developed dynamic Silverlight control in C# and LINQ-to-SQL to show idea connections evolving over time and weighted by strength of match.  Enterprise deployment in early 2009.   [Statalytics link] [PDF quad chart]
DWR Maps
Google Earth kmz files and Google Maps mashups based on indexes of nearly 5,000 weather stations monitored by California's Department of Water Resources.
[Daily stations] [Hourly stations] [link to original data (FTP)] [PDF quad chart]
Hybrid Defense contributed components to design for digitally networked, lightweight, non-drip aeromedical evacuation cot.  Provided for oxygen canister, improved IV drip locations, stackable/foldable support legs, ad-hoc device network, and other advances.
IRAD project to build a simple telepresence robot for an offsite client.  A hybrid system built in about an hour from COTS and custom components for around $500.  Hack-quality source code available on request (without warranty).  [PDF quad chart]



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