Statalytics Division


Statistics and Analytics: weather data return frequency

Our team of programmers, mathematicians, and scientists apply Statistics and Analytics to produce useful knowledge from very large* datasets.  We can help you answer questions or discover new insights into old information.

Past performance results include:

  • biometrics toolkits (BATS)

  • casualty rates by weapon

  • custom in-house corporate databases (e.g. Microsoft ThinkWeek)

  • Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) and local state motor vehicle accident databases

  • Google Earth Engine

  • insurance carriers

  • Intelligence

  • maritime Automatic Identification System (AIS)

  • twitter and other social networking feeds

  • USGS seismic histories

  • water utilities records

  • weather data (precipitation, temperature, NEXRAD, groundwater)

The Statalytics Division's software tools include applications built on C#, CUDA, MATLAB, perl, and SQL Server.  Hardware can scale on demand to meet the dataset's requirements. 

Past efforts have included work with SAS, Oracle, Paradox, and certain legacy government systems.   

* Typical "very large" dataset size = gigascale or low-terascale.  High-terascale sets are possible with coordination from UCSD/SDSC or NCSA.  



Note: we apologize, but due to quantum observer effects, the financial analysis project remains private.


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